EN: Exams are finally over and I'm so happy to be back! I'm on holidays for two weeks now but it's not gonna be a quiet month as I have fuck loads of projects coming. But first things first: it's Septembre; which means back to work, back to school, back to being late, back to "I'll do it tomorrow", back to smelly people in the bus, and so on. However, this year, I'm definitely not going "back to buying shit I don't need"! So if, just like me, you're tired of watching all those ridiculous items you never wore hanging in your wardrobe, this article is for you! Here are the classic items you're actually gonna wear (like, a lot) and you'll never get tired of.

FR: Mes exams sont enfin fini et je suis hyper contente d'être de retour! Je suis donc officiellement en vacances pendant deux semaines mais je ne compte pas me reposer pour autant, loin de là. En effet, j'ai tout un tas de projets en tête que j'ai très envie de réaliser au plus vite. Mais venons-en à l'essentiel: c'est le mois de septembre, ce qui veut dire retour à l'école, retour au travail, retour aux retards, retour aux "je ferai ça demain", retour aux gens sales dans le bus, etc. Par contre, si il y a bien une habitude que je ne compte pas reprendre cette année, c'est les achats compulsifs. Donc si, tout comme moi, tu en as marre de contempler tes achats complètement débiles prendre la poussière dans ton armoire, cet article est fait pour toi! Je t'ai sélectionné les pièces de base que tu vas VRAIMENT porter et dont tu ne te lasseras sans doute jamais.

1. Hats

-Beanies: the more neutral, the better. Forget messages beanies, like "vogue", or "bad hair day" because, trust me, you might think it's soooo keeeewl now but you'll regret this purchase very soon (unless you're 14). SIMILAR HERE
-Hats: same rules. A nice hat can make every outfit more stylish and classy so I'd advise you to go for a simple, not too big, not too small, black/beige/grey hat. SIMILAR HERE, HERE, HERE.

2. Outwear

-A trench: making you look classy af since 1950. SIMILAR HERE
-A FAKE fur coat: to look stylish when the cold wind blows... and fake because you're not a monster, are you? SIMILAR HERE
-A bomber: gives that "laid back cool touch" to every outfit. SIMILAR HERE
-A long blazer: or a short one... But I just like long ones better. SIMILAR HERE and HERE
-A leather biker jacket: you can never go wrong with a nice leather/ vegan leather jacket. It's definitely something to invest in, as fake leather looks cheap and usually doesn't last long. I got mine five years ago and it's still right as rain. SIMILAR HERE

3. Tops

-A turtle neck: one of the easiest way to look classy. SIMILAR HERE
-A white shirt: just don't take them too tight, unless you want to look like a waitress. SIMILAR HERE, HERE
-A marinière: because it says: "bonjour je parle français, voulez-vous coucher avec moi." SIMILAR HERE
-A jeans shirt: to wear in total look jeans or with... basically anything. SIMILAR HERE
-A v-neck t-shirt: black, grey, kaki, white, just pick one when you don't know what to wear, it will always works. SIMILAR HERE

4. Jeans

-The mom jeans: love its vintage look, doesn't fit my tiny little pony legs though. SIMILAR HERE
-The high-waist skinny jeans: makes your waist and ass look better and your legs look longer. Amen. SIMILAR HERE
-The skinny jeans: with sneakers or heels, with a t-shirt or a shirt tucked in, it always works. SIMILAR HERE
-The boyfriend jeans: super stylish but same problem as with the mom jeans... SIMILAR HERE
-The flare jeans: seventies are back baby, go flare pants. SIMILAR HERE

5. Pants

-The pantsuit: laid back with sneakers and an oversized tee or classy af with high heels and buttoned down shirt. SIMILAR HERE
-The leather pant: brings the sexy back. SIMILAR HERE
-The cargo pant: in case you want to show people you don't only have black clothes. SIMILAR HERE
-The legging: because they're comfy AS FUCK. I'm not gonna lie, I wear those 60% of the time... Maybe 80%. SIMILAR HERE

6. Bottoms

-The leather skirt: always looks cool unless you style it with hooker shoes and a neon bra... SIMILAR HERE.
-The (suede) short: with or without panties, great to show your legs while still feeling free to move and dance without having to care about the fact that your butt might be showing.  SIMILAR HERE
-The (suede) skater skirt: an other great item to pick when you don't know what to wear. SIMILAR HERE.
-The midi skirt: to look fierce with heels and a v-neck bodysuit or relax with sneakers and a bomber. SIMILAR HERE and HERE
-The jeans short/skirt: hight waist, low waist, ripped, vintage or whatever, you need one. SIMILAR HERE.

7. Bags

-The satchel: aka the perfect "I'm a student, a smart student" bag. SAME HERE
-The backpack: to look cool while hicking or shopping, you name it. SIMILAR HERE, HERE
-The tote bag: great to travel and carry a lot of stuff you -most of the time- don't need. SIMILAR HERE
-The bucket bag: super trendy and kind of a classic too. SIMILAR HERE
-The shoulder bag: not too big neither too small, perfect for a night out (because clutch are too fucking small). SAME HERE

8. Shoes

-The over-the-knee boots: they might frighten some of you but just give it a try, it works with a super laid-back style as much as a super sexy one. SIMILAR HERE and HERE
-The ankle boots: take them as classic as possible and they'll be your faithful friends not matter the season. SIMILAR HERE (heels), HERE and HERE (flat)
-The sneakers: to run the world, literally. SIMILAR HERE
-The oxford: a classic that also works as well in summer as in winter. SIMILAR HERE

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  1. Ah la sélection qui me pousse à l'achat
    C'est pas bien du tout ça :p

    1. Je saaaais c'est dur de résister haha mais au moins ces pièces là seront durables (la belle excuse haha) Bisous!

  2. Super selection. Je suis justement en crise de garde robe dernièrement haha. Bel article (mais ton blog est tt en anglais? Parce que au début qd on voit le français on s'attend à ce qu'il y ait du français en fait mais bon c'est juste ça m'a surpris au final de ne lire que de l'anglais.

    1. Hey Aelita, merci! Non d'habitude je fais toujours anglais et français mais je me suis dit que pour cet article, ce serait beaucoup trop long et chargé de traduire également les descriptions du coup j'ai juste traduit l'intro, j'espère que tu as quand même pu comprendre! Bisous :)

  3. de rien :) Hmmm je vois. Moi j'ai compris mais je pensais à qui comprends peut-être moins bien l'anglais. Bien sur il y a les photos mais vu que t'as mis des explications peut-être qu'ils ont envie de les comprendre aussi. Bisous